Prins Thomas Remix of 39 out today!

Three wonderful remix of 39 are out today! Thanks to Prins Thomas, Brynjolfur & Oscar Bandersen for funking my stuff up! I really enjoy your take on it. Mixes are available via soundcloud & spotify so far!







New/Old Remix

The other day I found this remix of Kleerup’s band ‘Me And My Army’. I’ve had some trouble finishing it but then after almost a year without touching it; it came to me very easy. So here it is! All free to download.



Finally the big news is out! YEAH! And it’s insane!!! I’m very proud and nervous too. Can’t wait to stand there and become part of the history of Roskilde Festival and the orange stage. All of us in the band have been exited festival guests since the age of 17 and I’ve had lots of fantastic experiences with Roskilde Festival through the years. Now I’m facing the biggest of all and I even get to share it with about 60.000 music lovers!
We’ve already have a lot of special things planned for this show which I can’t reveal now of cause.


This also might be the last announcement of summer gigs. So we did this exotic poster! To me it looks like a pretty nice summer coming up!

39 video out today

Like a whole lot of people I sat patient and watched Felix Baumgartner taking a jump 39 km from the ground. At first I thought it was a completely insane act to go for. Risking your life and in the same time doing that online in front of hundreds of thousands of people. Personally I don’t care if the human body are capable of breaking the speed of sound and I never read any of Guinness record books. But somehow my attention was dragged to my laptop all night as the dry facts was repeated over and over until we finally got to see him jump. It took 4’20 min. before he hit the ground and meanwhile it struck me why I had spend my time watching this crazy guy. Felix Baumgartner is just like Forrest Gump. And I love to think of my own life that way. If I want to do something then why not jump into it. So I felt inspired of life, and I just had to tribute Felix as a symbol of freedom and dreams becoming true.


The video credit goes to:

Directors: Mai and Mikkel Aabenhuus
Boy: Asbjørn Aabenhuus Stig
3D model of Felix Baumgartner: Louie Ishii
Camera & lights: Alex Almbjerg
Stylist: Rasmus Sandberg



We’re proud to announce that Fitness Figures and Franceska will be playing concerts with us on the following Denmark tour. Some of you might know Franseska as Shaque Lilli, who also supported a couple of gigs of ours some time ago. She’s a cool RNB cat and according to us; the very best singer in Denmark!!! Fitness Figures is a very new electropop band produced by Lasse Lyngbo, who I used to work with on ’Then I Met You’. They are a couple of beautiful guys playing ice-cold music and I’m sure you’ll see much more of them in the future. Anyway, this is how it’s gonna be..

01. March – Køge @ Tapperiet – FITNESS FIGURES
02. March – Vordingbog @ Stars – FITNESS FIGURES
07. March – Roskilde @ Gimle – FITNESS FIGURES
08. March – Ålborg @ Studenterhuset – FITNESS FIGURES
09. March – Århus @ Voxhalll – FITNESS FIGURES
14. March – København @ Lille Vega – FRANCESKA
15. March – Odense @ Kultur Maskinen – FRANCESKA
16. March – Sønderborg @ Sønderborghus – FRANCESKA
22. March – Herning @ Fermaten – FRANCESKA

I don’t know if you remember this awesome computer game, but it definitely brings me a rare nostalgic feeling! Check out this Fitness Figures video.

I’m afraid you’ll have to wait and listen to Franceska’s music live. Nothing is released or available so far, but I promise that it’s dirty and very good. Hope to see you out there!

Please go to their facebook pages and throw some likes.

New album “Midnight Special” in stores now


The new album is finally here. “Midnight Special” is out on CD, 180 vinyl, iTunes and streaming. Here are the links to go get it:

iTunes WiMP Spotify



The Wiggle video

Here it is and it’s made by these fantastic guys:

Director – Esben Weile Kjær
Photographer and producer – Freja Sofie Kirk
Editor producer – Hannah Elbke
Stylist – Nanna Rosenfeldt-Olsen

And of course the beautiful – Anders and Kevin

Thank you so much! Esben also wrote some interesting words (in Danish) about the video at his blog:”the-wiggle”